Custom Research

Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s current business objectives, including industry dynamics and the history leading them to this point in the market research process.  By synthesizing these pieces of information we can develop a custom research design that will address their unique business questions.

Concept Optimization

MOSAIQ offers expertise in concept refinement and optimization.  Using a validated approach based on concept writing and development fundamentals, we help our clients optimize their new product proposition, prior to testing, therefore maximizing the potential of the initiative.

Normative Database

MOSAIQ’s database allows our clients to compare consumer data for key measures – Purchase Interest, Price/Value, Uniqueness and Likeability – and estimate the relative strength of their concept against the appropriate category or competitive set.

Volumetric Forecasting Services

Our clients benefit from the valuable insight of MOSAIQ’s senior market research professionals, including some of the most experienced forecasters in the industry.  A contemporary approach to forecasting and proprietary volumetric models ensure quality forecasts for new products and services, or the relaunch of an existing product or service. MOSAIQ’s forecasting models are validated across categories and are used to determine sales potential for new products in the U.S. and globally. MOSAIQ provides flexibility, the ability to refine research methodology, and customize forecasting models to provide our clients the essential market research intelligence they need to make smart, profitable business decisions. 

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